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Mobile Wood-fired Pizza
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All the best parties end up in the kitchen. We bring the kitchen to you.

The La Fortuna program is simple: we come to you with our mobile wood-fired pizza oven. We make pizza for you. The pizza is so good, and the experience so fun and unique, that we blow your mind. 

The food

Have you ever noticed what the very best pizza restaurants all have in common? At the center of the action is a wood-fired oven. Nothing else comes close when it comes to producing beautiful and delicious pizza. As any good cook will tell you, the best food starts with the best ingredients. We buy locally so our ingredients are fresh, and from people we know and trust so we are confident we are getting the good stuff.

The experience

Of course, it's impossible to beat a wood-fired oven for atmosphere. Some kitchens treat pizza-making like a factory process, hiding it in the back. At La Fortuna, we want you to see it all, and we love talking about it—where our ingredients come from, how the oven works, and how all the flavors work together to create a great pizza. Let's face it—pizza is fun, but La Fortuna pizza is beyond fun. It's an experience that your guests will remember for years to come.

Hospitality is the art of making people feel cared for. With La Fortuna on your team, every guest will feel special.  If that sounds like something you want to do, consider La Fortuna for your next special event.

We also do public events.  Click over to Where are we today? for our public schedule (updated frequently).
photo by Steve Milanowski
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